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What can we learn about Statistical Inference from a 1960’s experiment with dolphins?

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In my work environment, we have users who are not SAS programmers but need to get data from our SAS server. One way of dealing with …

When I was an undergraduate, I learned to distrust the statistical functions in Excel. Back then, we didn’t use software in statistics …

In life, as in math class, it’s important to show your work. In math, when we say, “show your work,” we mean writing down enough of the …

At an event I attended yesterday, the icebreaker was to line up in order of our birthdays. There were about 800 people in attendance. …

When I was an R newbie, I was taught to load packages by using the command library(package). In my Linear Models class, the instructor …


Courses taught at Embry-Riddle Worldwide:

Stat 222 Business Statistics

This course is a study of basic descriptive and inferential statistics. Topics include types of data, sampling techniques, measures of central tendency and dispersion, elementary probability, discrete and continuous probability distributions, sampling distributions, hypothesis testing, confidence intervals, and simple linear regression.

Recent Syllabus

CSCI 123 Introduction to Computing for Data Analysis

Students are expected to use a wide and complex set of computer tools and systems. A purpose of this course is to build upon their existing knowledge and help ensure students are proficient in common computer systems and with a skill set to solve a wide variety of data analysis problems. Using Microsoft Excel and R software along with their advanced features students will expand their understanding of computers and software while being equipped to solve large and dynamic data sets.

Courses taught at
Wake Technical Community College:

BAS-120: Introduction to Analytics

This course introduces basic concepts and applications of analytics using Excel. Topics include an overview of the analytical process and the role of the analyst, applied descriptive statistics, and exploratory data analysis.

BAS-121: Data Visualization

This course introduces key concepts in data visualization and reporting, using Tableau software. Topics include concepts and methods used in graphical representation of data, exploration and reporting of data, and basic linear regression methods.

BAS-150: Introduction to Analytical Programming

This course introduces SAS for analytics. Topics include utilization of analytical and statistical software packages for data management, data visualization, and exploratory data analysis. Recent Syllabus

BAS-220: Applied Analytical Programming

This course covers applications of SAS for data management and reporting. Topics include data management, data preprocessing, and modeling including linear and logistic regression analysis using programming tools. Upon completion, students should be able to process data and generate reports that support business decision-making.

Recent Syllabus

Courses taught at American Intercontinental University:

BUSN-311: Quantitative Methods and Analysis

Students learn the fundamentals of probability, statistics, and their applications in business decision making.